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    Most enterprise case bases
    Widest business school network
    Largest case database
    Only sharing center for business and teaching cases
    The "China Management Case Sharing Center" (CMCC) supported by the National MBA Education Supervisory Committee of China, with its office located in the School of Management Dalian University of Technology, operates as a non-profit and service joint organization, where Chinese universities launching MBA programs join voluntarily. The perfection and operation of the CMCC is on the top agenda of the National MBA Education Supervisory Committee.

    consistent criterion, all-around development, joint participation and resource sharing (including cases, faculties, researches and international partners)

    Focus on the research, development and co-sharing of the localized cases
    Explore the management theories and methods with Chinese characteristics
    Function as the teaching and research base for universities with MBA programs, as the center for teacher training and as the window for international academic exchanges

    The "China Management Case Sharing Center" has been committed to the solving of practical Chinese management issues and exploring of Chinese enterprises management cases as well as management theories with Chinese characteristics. The case database was established, where the teaching cases, research cases and business cases are assembled; the Journal of Management Case Studies was issued successfully; the operation of case study bases and enterprise bases was also conducted; besides, international cooperation was fully involved in the operation of CMCC.

    By now, the CMCC has 182 members across China and a case-reviewing tank with 458 experts. Its homepage enjoyed almost 400 thousand page views since it went into public, with a record of 2520 page views one day. At the website and, cases of full text could be retrieved by disciplines, where Directions for the case database and on-line discussion forums are also designed. All together 2150 cases of all kinds are included in the case database, with 215 ones in text and 28 ones in video that could be searched on line and used by CMCC members free of charge.